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Measuring Up

'PlanWheel' is a tool for taking scaled measurements from blueprints, maps and plans displaying the desired measurement instantly and additionally interfacing with our estimating programs.

You can find out more about this useful device here.

You can equally interface with Lorton Agencies seamlessly with your estimating requirements by calling +44 20 8661 1438 and allowing us to take it from there.

About Lorton Agencies

background notes and history of the company

This is Lorton Agencies

clerk Lorton Agencies Ltd was formed by Leo D Chapman, "the present owner" in 2002 to meet the demand for professional electrical estimating, and associated support services within the building services industry.

Lorton Agencies Ltd is based in Sutton, Greater London and provides a tailored nationwide estimating service to both small, medium and large contracting companies who are looking for a proactive commitment, reliability, quality and within a time scale at competitive prices within this present difficult and competitive market.

Leo D Chapman has built up a good reputation over five decades within the contracting industry by providing quality, detailed electrical estimates within tight time scales and would welcome the opportunity to review your requirements. We have the resources, the technology and the premises to take on board any size of job to deliver the output you require.

As a family run business we take pride in being able to provide, with today's technology, a round the clock service to our clients to give advice, help and assistance at the very time it is needed. We concentrate on providing a quality estimating service that gives expert assistance to your company without long-term commitments or the need to have in-house expertise and expensive estimating staff.

Please take a few minutes to review other pages on this web site which will provide additional information on who we are, what we do and with notes on former jobs undertaken. Please ensure you have our contact details for future reference or even get in touch with us right now!

phone+44 20 8661 1438      email

There are probably other electrical estimating companies that are seeking to win business from you. Lorton Agencies believes they have the winning formula that will prove to be an asset to your company and not a burden. Certainly our current client base indicates that they have no wish to seek an alternative estimating service.

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