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Terms and Conditions

example of our terms and conditions for a returned tender document

  1. The enclosed Tender has been 'Taken Off' within a neutral grounding using the prepared Specification and Drawings as supplied.
  2. Accuracy of the 'Take Off' is subject to the condition and quality of the prepared Specification and Drawings as supplied. Copied, reduced Drawings are deemed inappropriate. Estimates prepared from reduced Drawings will be seen as assessments and clients will agree the calculated conclusions before submission takes place.
  3. Upon accepting this Estimate, appropriate checks should be carried out before submission to the customer to verify satisfaction of inclusions or exclusions.
  4. This Estimate has been returned without conducting a Survey of the premises or carrying out a Site Visit. Contrary to 'Notes' on many Tender Drawings, scaled measurements have been used in this instance to evaluate contents.
  5. Lorton Agencies Ltd will not be held responsible for inaccuracies once the Tender has been agreed and presented to the end user. This does not mean that errors will not be amended once the mistake has been detected. Notwithstanding human error by way of misinterpretation, typing errors and/or incorrect 'copying over', the estimate cannot be guaranteed to be 100% correct, remaining subject to approval by the person responsible for the submission.
  6. Preferential Discounts are suggested only. It is advisable to indicate realistic personal Wholesalers Discounts at an early stage, in order for these to be included as required, during the Estimate Build Up.
  7. Wholesalers are not restricted. A list of Wholesalers to 'deal with' should be forwarded as soon as possible during the Tender period; likewise Traders to be avoided should be indicated.
  8. Lorton Agencies Ltd is Primarily Employed for Estimating purposes. Engaging in Design will only be subject to the practical aspects of the general knowledge of Electrical Installation work, aiming towards a reasonably true 'End Result Pricing Evaluation'. Full Design aspects are outside our scope of works.
  9. To the best of our knowledge, prices were correct at the time of printing. Prices of materials are taken from reliable sources. Wholesalers advice. Wherever possible the Wholesalers prices are backed up by quotations. All quotations accompanying this Estimate should be checked for duration of validity.
  10. Enclosed Estimate was priced using the EES Data Systems Software. Wholesalers as listed, Specified Manufacturers, and Nominated or Non-nominated Sub Contractors.
  11. This document is an 'Estimated Calculation' of the project in question. The final decision of submitting the "Tender Summary" as a quotation to the client rests with the recipient of this document, which has been prepared without prejudice.
  12. The final 'Selling Price' or Estimated Value is by no means final. The fixed commercial decision to submit the Estimate with or without adjustment is dependent upon the selected tenderer.
  13. Any Report accompanying this presentation is a guide only and should not be considered as the final material listing or the most economical purchasing procedure.
  14. Additional works in supplement to the original Tender after the submission date, such as amendments, additions, omissions etc., can be attended to, at normal hourly rates. Further to 'Tender Submissions' Lorton Agencies Ltd can and will assist with Contractors Variations leading up to Final Accounting at normal hourly rates.
  15. Unless otherwise agreed in writing payment is due without deduction in accordance with our agreed payment terms indicated on the invoice.
  16. It is usual that a set of "Qualifications" accompany all Tenders submitted by Lorton Agencies Ltd to their Client, Highlighting or Outlining unusual directions or specific details that may cause problems during the course of the Contract. It is highly recommended that a copy of the "Qualifications" be attached to the final submission as a matter of precaution.
  17. All Estimates provided by "Lorton Agencies Ltd" are logged and retained 'In-House' for 12 months. A file/document containing the build-up, quotations and all correspondence relating to the completed estimate will be forwarded to the client for his perusal, inspection and agreement. Upon receipt of the file, having carried out the above-suggested directives, should the client recognize inclusions that may be deemed unnecessary, the questionable articles should be discussed whereupon allowances will be made for, in ensuing works.

    On the contrary the same would apply to miscellaneous items that the client wishes to be continuously added to calculations.
  18. Lorton Agencies Ltd will not take the responsibility of calculating Labour Rates, Travelling Expenses, Fuel Costs, Lodging Allowances, Parking or Congestion Charges. At the Tender finalisation Stage, Net Costs will be submitted to the client who will then state the Selling Labour Rate he proposes, with the various Mark-Up percentages he wishes to apply. Supplementary costs including items listed above, should be listed separately within the Prelims, or calculated and included in an inflated Labour Rate.
  19. IT, Telephones. IRS/TV and Security Systems require specific detailed line Diagrams/Drawings and/or preferred specialist suppliers/installers, for pricing to be included within the Estimates. Systems that are required to be priced lacking detailed information will be presented in Budget form.
  20. The Location Map is for reference only. Lorton Agencies Ltd do not accept any responsibility if details of location are incorrect.
  21. Items listed within the "Preliminaries and Testing & Commissioning" Sections are suggestive only. The company submitting the tender should view the costs listed in the 'Preliminary Section', then amend the pricing to suit. Eject items that might be considered covered by the Labour Rates and Mark-Up percentages applied, or delete the Preliminaries Section in its entirety.

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