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The right connections for your special project

The Right Connection

Get straight through to Lorton Agencies with your estimating requirements by calling +44 20 8661 1438.

We have invested heavily in technology to ensure first-class communication channels are available to rapidly deploy our resources to produce your tender documents and drawings.

All you need is any old phone to contact us.
We will do the rest.

Information on VoIP

how to make free calls over the internet to Lorton Agencies

This could be for you!

Lorton Agencies is a VoIP user Voice over Internet Protocol [VoIP] is the family of technologies that allows computer networks to be used for voice applications and enables forward looking companies to drive down their telephone call charges.

Lorton Agencies has embraced this technology to interconnect with other companies regularly in contact with us to benefit from zero cost calls. A gateway with the public telephone network is selectable to give low cost calls to any world wide number at low rates.

Suppliers, business contacts and customers who are also VoIP users are welcome to interact with us using internet telephony. There may be some technical hurdles to be overcome first, so please let us have your VoIP number [which looks like an email address] and we will provide the necessary information so that you can route your telephone calls to Lorton Agencies over the internet.

Our number on the Callmaster VoIP system is 200920425@v1.21voice.net
Calls to this number are free! Other networks using +44 20 8661 1438 will be considerably more expensive.

For further information on VoIP please call 01252 758960 or email

VoIP is Flexible and Reliable

  • Installed in a matter of days if you have a working broadband service;
  • Phone system in any world wide location with suitable broadband;
  • Great for home workers and multiple sites;
  • Remote management allows immediate changes to configuration;
  • Move phones about to any broadband connection without an engineer;
  • Easily switch/divert calls to another destination number including mobiles;
  • All the features of the best PBX exchanges including:
    Voicemail to email, Call forwarding, Call conferencing, Busy status lights, Voice recording, Music on hold and much more!

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